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Communication and Soft Skills Practicals for II Year

1st ,3rd &4th October2019:
Communication and Soft Skills Practicals for II Year

          On1st,3rd&4thOctober2019 the Department of English conducted Oral Practicals to test the students Oral communication skills. Students were tested in presentation of Information Transfer Module, Body Language and Role plays. Under Information Transfer Module the students interpreted pie-charts, bar diagrams, tree diagrams, models and charts.


26&27th  August 2019:A TWO-DAY WORKSHOP ON
A two-day workshop on “THEATRE ARTS FOR BETTER LIFE SKILLS AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS” was conducted under RUSA 2.0, MHRD, Govt. of India., by the by Dept. of English, in collaboration with IQAC. The workshop started with Inaugural session on 26-8-2019 in college auditorium.  The Vice-principal of the college, PG Director and RUSA coordinator Dr. Sr. Showrilu, the convenor of the Workshop Dr. D. Fathima Rani , Chief guest Mr. Ratna Sekhar Reddy, Theatre Artist, director and trainer of “Samhara” theatre from Hyderabad and Guest of Honour Ms. Snigdha, Film artist and singer attend the inaugural and Mr. Ratna Sekhar Reddy, the Chief guest gave his Key note address on Theatre Arts For Better Life Skills And Communication Skills.
On the day one i.e., on 26th August, 2019 three sessions were conducted.  Mr. Ratna Sekhar Reddy was the resource person for Session I and spoke on Theatre Arts for Better life skills and Team building skills.  He conducted an interactive session and clarified the doubts of the students regarding theatre and film and how they are useful for life skills.   Ms. Snigdha was the resource person for the Session II and she spoke on Theatre Arts for Better Social life and Strengthening Interpersonal Skills.  She disseminated the topic through live performances and made students to come out and perform on the stage.  Mr. Somaraju, Theatre, Film and TV Artist was the resource person for Session III and spoke about Theatre arts for better oral communication and stage performances.  He conducted interactive session on the topic and made students perform on the stage and inferred how theatre helps improve their oral communication.
On the day two i.e., on 27th August, 2019 two sessions and Valedictory were conducted.  The Session IV of the workshop was conducted on the topic “Theatre Arts for better Verbal and non-verbal communication”. International Kuchipudi dance artist and master, theatre performer Sri. Hema Sunder was the resource person and enlightened the gathering about the various dances forms of India and Kuchipudi dance how they help our communication skills.  Session V of the workshop was conducted on the topic “Theatre arts for exploring alternative job opportunities” for which famous theatre and film critic and artist Sri. Katti Mahesh was the resource person.  He spoke at length about the evolution of theatre, dynamics of the theatre and different career opportunities available in theatre and film industry.  He conducted an interactive session and answered to the doubts of the students regarding career in theatre.
During the Session VI, Talent Show for the students was conducted and students displayed their talent in Singing, dancing, poem recitation and Ad making
The Valedictory of the workshop was conducted on 27th August, 2019 in the Media Centre.  The principal of the college, Dr. Sr. Marietta De mello, Guest speaker Sri. Katti Mahesh presided over the Valedictory.  During the valedictory the principal spoke about the relevance of these workshops under RUSA and how they help to empower our students.  Sri Katti Mahesh spoke on literature as a source to learn life experiences and wished such workshops should strengthen the participants.  The convener of the Workshop Dr. D. Fatima Rani read report of the two-day workshop.   The winners and participants of the talent show were given away certificates in the Valedictory.   The Valedictory came to a close with the National Anthem.
In to the work shop was a grand success meeting its aim by creating awareness about Theatre Arts and make the participants learn the relevance of Theatre arts for better life skills and Communication Skills through 6 sessions and experts from theatre, performing arts and film as resource persons.

Thursday, 29 August 2019


24 July 2019:Workshop on Syllables, Sounds& Stress:
On 24th July 2019,The Department of UG English conducted a Workshop on “Syllables, Sounds& Stress” for 800 Ist year Degree students. The Resource Persons were Prof.P.Gopichand and Prof.P.Naga suseela of JKC College, Guntur. They used multimedia techniques, interactive methods, songs, videos, oral drill etc to conduct the workshop and made it more interesting and innovative to the students.
The workshop was conducted under the guidance of Dr.D.Fathima Rani, Incharge HOD,Department of English and all the Department members Mrs. M. K. Padmalata , Mrs.K.Beaula Swarupa, Ms. Sk. Rafia Begum, Ms. D. Mani Bhagya Sri, Ms. P.V. Padmavathi, Mrs. P.Naga Padma were present.


23 July 2019:Academia Competition:
The Department of English conducted Elocution competition, As a part of Academia 2019,on the Topic  “Google or Guru”. A total no of 30 students from I,II&III years participated.
Dr. Dr.D.Fathima Rani and Mrs. M. K. Padmalata were the Judges for event.
The winners were:
1. Ist  prize             P. Mrudhula           II ZNC
2. IInd Prize           S. Prathima             IBCOM Comp
3. IIIrd Prize           Ch. Saraswathi      I ZNC
    IIIrd Prize           K. Madhuri             I EPSW



        June 25th -28th , by (U.G) Department of English conducted Bridge Course as a part of the Induction Programme conducted for a first year students under  the guidance of Dr.D. Fathima Rani, I/C U.G Department of English.
                      The Bridge Course was conducted in four sessions starting from 25th June to 28th June, 2019. The programme intended to brush up the LSRW Skills of the students in English language accompanied by modules like importance of English language ,English as a world language, importance of communication Skills, Grammar, spoken skills introducing one self and other conversations, letter writing, small talk, public speaking, developing one’s vocabulary and functional English.
                            The Bridge Course was conducted in an interactive method with activities conducted for each module. Students actively participated in conversations, skits and action songs which helped to improve their pronunciation, accent and intonation. The ICT tools like ppt and videos were used extensively. Nearly 700 students participated in Bridge Course and the course consummated with a test. The Principal Rev.Dr.Sr. Marietta D’Mello addressed the students in the final session and stressed over the need for English in Professional life.


22 July 2019: Literary Association Inaugural:
 English Literary Association was inaugurated for the year 2019-2020 on 22nd July, 2019. Students of first , second and third year advanced English are the participants .  Rev.Dr.Sr.Maritta D’Mello the principal of the collegewas invited as the chief Guest and all the department members  Dr.D.Fathima Rani Incharge (HOD), Mrs. M. K. Padmalata , Mrs. K. Beaula Swarupa, Ms. Sk. Rafia Begum, Ms. D. Mani Bhagya Sri, Ms. P.V. Padmavathi, Mrs. P.Naga Padma were present. Dr. Fathima Rani gave brief introduction about the activities of literary association since its inception; literary association president presented the report of the previous academic year followed by the literary games conducted by IInd year students to the fresher.
Rev Dr. Sr. Marietta D’Mello the new principal addressed the students on how to be positive in life and how to grab the opportunities to develop various skills like communication, spoken and literary skills. She also distributed prizes for the winners of various competitions and crowned the Ms. Fresher P. Madhuri from Ist year Advanced English.
The club inaugural was conducted by the incharge staff Rafia, Ms. D.Mani bhagya sri under guidance of Dr.D.Fathima Rani, Incharge HOD.
III rd year advanced English students have taken the overall incharge and IInd years presented cultural in a befitting manner.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Literary Association Inaugural & Guest Lecture:
28th July 2018:
         “Master Minds” English Literary Association was Inaugurated by Mrs. Manasa, Former Aluminia, Poet. Mr. Iqubal IBM, Bangalore, writer as  Chief Guests. And as Guest of Honour Dr.Fathima Rani, as Department Incharge. Mrs. Manasa  explained about the “Observation  as a primary source of Writing” spoke about the her Latest Publication “Milinda” which is a collection of 23 stories and how college inspired her to become a writer. 

    Dr. Iqubal had an interactive session with Students and shared his experiences as writer. He Emphasized on the topic “Writing in English as International Platform to express Oneself”. 

     Dr. Fathima Rani Spoke about the future activities of the Club.The II,III year students welcomed the Fresher’s and Conducted Ms. Fresher competition where Ms. Danya won the title.

Communication and Soft Skills Practicals for II Year

1 st ,3 rd &4 th October2019: Communication and Soft Skills Practicals for II Year            On1 st ,3 rd &4 th October...