Thursday, 9 August 2018

Literary Association Inaugural & Guest Lecture:
28th July 2018:
         “Master Minds” English Literary Association was Inaugurated by Mrs. Manasa, Former Aluminia, Poet. Mr. Iqubal IBM, Bangalore, writer as  Chief Guests. And as Guest of Honour Dr.Fathima Rani, as Department Incharge. Mrs. Manasa  explained about the “Observation  as a primary source of Writing” spoke about the her Latest Publication “Milinda” which is a collection of 23 stories and how college inspired her to become a writer. 

    Dr. Iqubal had an interactive session with Students and shared his experiences as writer. He Emphasized on the topic “Writing in English as International Platform to express Oneself”. 

     Dr. Fathima Rani Spoke about the future activities of the Club.The II,III year students welcomed the Fresher’s and Conducted Ms. Fresher competition where Ms. Danya won the title.

Academic Competitions

27th July 2018:
             Academic Competitions were Conducted for the I, II & III year degree students by the Department of English for both Advanced English & General English Students. Nearly 20 students participated in the essay writing competition on the topic “Empowering A Women Empowers A Nation”. Nearly 20 Students of Advanced English Participated on the topic “A Thing of Beauty is A Joy Forever”.

Project  viva
17th July 2018 :

              On 17th July 2018 the Department of English conducted Project Viva for the Final year Advanced English Students 2014-2019 Batch under the guidance of department HOD DR. R. Madhavi, Mrs. Mary Kambam, Dr. D. Fathima Rani. Faculty members on the panel were Dr.D.Fathima Rani, Chairperson, and Mrs. Rohini Kumari, Dept of Chemistry as the Chief Examiner. And Mrs.Ume Salma H.O.D, Department of Hindi,and Dr. M.Rama Department of Chemistry. A total no. of 11 students presented their Project work in Literature and submitted their Project work on “N.G.O’s & APSSC”.  They gave seminars on their topics by using PPTs and Videos.

Students List & The Topics :

·        M.Tabitha, Allien Trikey, G. Mamatha Under the guidance of Dr.Fathima Rani has done project work on “The Ray of Hope For the Poor And Needy” A Study on APSSS.

·        S.Kumari, D.L.Vennela, S.Sushma, M.Satya Priya Under the guidance of  Mrs. Mary Kambam has done project work on “The Role of NGO’s in Providing Rehabilitation to specially Changed Children” A Study on Premanvitha.

·        G. Nitya, K. Latha, T.Sravani, Sr.K.Swarna Kumari Under the guidance of  Dr.R.Madhavi has done project work on “The Role of NGO’s in Providing Humanitarian service to H.I.V Affected Children” A  Case Study on Ravi Teja Institution, Eluru.



                In the second week of July Advanced English students participated in seminars depicting various Literary Forms and their usage. The forms such as Ode, Lyric, Dramatic Monologue, Soliloquy, Archaisms were explained to the class using charts, oral presentations and illustrations. The sessions were supervised by Dr. R.Madhavi of the English Department.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


9th July 2018:

               An IELTS Orientation programme was organized by the Department of English under the guidance of Dr. Sr. Mercy, Principal. The Chopra consultancy gave an orientation programme about the educational process abroad. Mr. Vasu, Mr. Surendra and Ms. Keerthi Vijayawada were the resource persons. Around 100 students from I, II, III yr Degree students attended. They oriented students about further studies abroad and the process for the admissions in the universities in U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Ireland and Australia. Dr. R. Madhavi, H.O.D English department explained briefly about the process of admission and how the consultants help in getting admissions for students in universities. Several students asked questions about fee structure& admission process. Sridhari of the final MBC, who was trained in IELTS last year in our college under Dr.R.Madhavi H.O.D of English, explained briefly about the IELTS (LSRW concept) exam. The orientation programme was conducted to orient students about scope for further education abroad.


Guest lecture
20th June 2018:

              A Guest Lecture by Mr. Surya Raghavendra of Adikavi Nannaya University was organized by Dr. R. Madhavi, H.O.D Department of English. The guest faculty oriented the III & II year Advanced English students on the need for a paradigm shift in learning language skills. He stressed on the non – conventional methods of teaching & learning communicative English & linguistics he used learner centric methods such as quiz, question and answer session and used a number of examples to make students understand key concepts in learning English.


bridge course
20-23 June 2018:

            The UG English Department conducted a bridge course for the Ist  year degree students from 20th – 23rd June. The course aimed at orienting students in communication Skills, Remedial Grammar, Speech Practice, Soft Skills, Listening Skills, and Writing Modules. The methodology used was innovative and highly effective with learner centric approach. Use of role play, dialogues, group work, pair work, Songs, videos, short clippings from movies, PPTs, oral drill, quiz, etc., kept the students fully enthusiastic and interested in what they learnt. The programme was conducted under the guidance of the Head of the Department Dr. R. Madhavi and the faculty Mrs. K. Beaula Swarupa, Ms. B. Indira, Ms. D. Mani Bhagya Sri, Ms. SK. Rafia Begum and Ms. P. V. Padmavathi.

Literary Association Inaugural & Guest Lecture: 28 th July 2018:         ...